Skin care products

Skin care products

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best skin care and face cream products we’ve come across.

On the treatments page you can see our cosmetic doctor services and consultation for acne and other skin imperfections. Many times we can extend and recommend great products also for home use. At Schmidt Cosmetics we make high demands on products we put on our shelves. We do this for one reason: So you can feel confident about the products and rely that the product is delivering what it promises.

As doctors and medical experts it has always been fundamental for us that there needs to be sufficient proof of concept about the product and the ingredients it contains. We also like to see proper documentation and research about the effects of the product.

ZO Skin Health

“ZO Skin Health is committed to making healthy skin possible for everyone.” This comprehensive skin health brand is a work of life that started 35 years ago by the famous Medical Doctor Mr Zein Obagi. In the late 80’s and early 90’s Dr. Obagi invented the original Obagi Nu-Derm® system and the Obagi Blue Peel® kit – the most widely recognised brands of physician-dispensed skincare products in the world.

The collection delivers advanced skin therapy technologies that have shown proven results on delivering effective help for acne, brown spots, discoloration and hyper pigmentation intensity.

By bringing together therapeutic treatments and daily care, allows patients to have continuously healthy skin regardless of their age, ethnicity or unique skin condition.

Schmidt Cosmedic – ZO® Authorised Physician

We are happy to be your choice of skincare professionals and provide you a individual anti-ageing plan including the right setup of the best daily moisturisers and face cream products.

Request a consultation and let’s start your treatments for anti-aging, acne, wrinkle reduction, discolouration and skin health in general.

Zo skin health

Marc Ibane – from Schmidt Cosmedic

Marc Ibane is a Dutch high-end cosmetic product that gives you tanned skin.

With the hectic lifestyle, limited hours of sun and harmful UV on one side and the healthy freshness of tanned skin on the other, the idea of the natural tanning spray is here: A healthy and safe way to have a natural holiday tan the whole year round and prevent skin ageing at the same time. 

Available at our clinic and perfect match with a skin rejuvenation plan.