treatments and facials

treatments and facials

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List of cosmetic treatments

Facial Botox injections

Is the most used wrinkle treatment. Botox is effective due its ability to reduce the appearance of some facial wrinkles and the treatment also prevents wrinkles. We provide a comprehensive set of botox treatments for facial aesthetics.


A facial rejuvenation treatment is a tailored injectables treatment that is custom fitted for your needs. It can consist of an 8-point facelift, lip fillers, smoothening of wrinkles or other specific pinpointed treatments for different areas.

The facial rejuvenation can also be divided to a treatment series that aim towards a anti-agening plan with a couple of treatments per year. See here more about our facials

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that can give you fuller lips. Natural looking volume lip fixes are mainly done with injectable dermal fillers.

It is important that the materials used in the lips are chosen correctly when there are many different categories of fillers with different purposes. For the lips it is usually better to use a softer filler in some areas of the lips as that forms itself naturally.

As important is the proper injection techniques as the volume, contours and bulge “lip roll” can be adjusted. One usual treatment is to enlarge the lip body, which gives more volume in a natural way to the red part of your lips, another treatment is to fill the top border of the lip if it has dipped as a cause of ageing.

These folds that might become more visible when you smile are not luckily based from only the result of too much smiling. Usually there are two main reasons for these wrinkles. They develop when volume loss and change in the cheeks and the tear trough settles down around the mouth. This can also lead to sad corners of the mouth and so called “hamster bags”

When performing a proper treatment for the nose to mouth lines there are a couple of aesthetically important things to consider for great results. If you want to know more how this is done you are welcome to contact us and get a individual consultation tailored for your needs.

The settling down of the upper eyelid can be genetical or a result of ageing. Non surgical fillers injections can be an effective way to treat falling eyebrows and that is also our firsthand option for eyebrow treatment. There are also other more complex treatments available.

What form of treatment that best fits you can be assessed on a consultation.

Botox is also used in other medical treatments and here are some of which we also provide:

Excessive sweating
Heavy sweating known as  hyperhidrosis is a very real and embarrassing problem, but there are some effective ways to treat it. A treatment option for heavy sweating is injections of botulinum toxin A (Botox), the same medicine used for wrinkles. Botox is approved for treating excessive sweating of the underarms, but some doctors may also use it on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

Teeth grinding
Teeth grinding while sleeping is a problem which may give a series of complaints. Obviously it increases the wear of the teeth (especially the enamel), but also pain at the height of the TMJ and headaches due to excessive tension of the muscles of mastication are common. With the aid of the Botox muscle tension can be reduced, which allows a reduction of the symptoms can be achieved.

Chronic migraine
Many people suffer from tension headaches or migraines. The cause of most types of headaches is unknown, but there are indications that there is, among other things, an increased tension in certain muscles. Botox is a means which in recent years has shown a positive effect in all kinds of conditions where there is an increased muscle tone. The mechanism is still the subject of several studies, but experience shows that about 70% of migraine (and other hoofdpijn-) patients benefit from the use of Botox. In these patients, there is a marked relief of the symptoms. In general, a treatment of the corrugator sufficient to bring about a clear improvement of the symptoms. Sometimes, pain also guided by the rear side of the head to be treated. In practice, there take the patient to keep a diary in order to “score” the effect of Botox on the headache.

The 8 point approach

This famous minimally invasive non-permanent facelift technique is developed by Dr Mauricio de Maio.

Fillers can be used well to create definition for the jaw and chin. Safe non-permanent solutions with filler injections are also a great way to trial what kind of impact the adding of volume and jaw definition gives. With jawline each case is different. By consulting a experienced injectables professional you can get more deep advice on how newer injectables might be used for the treatment of the jaw line. You are welcome to contact us.
When we are tired the muscles around our eyes relax and makes the skin loose. This is why it is almost always easy to tell that people are tired from the appearance of the eyes. Though it is not only the facial muscles that contribute to this symptom. Besides dropping eyelids dark shadows and a tired appearance is often caused by loss of fullness in the skin near the eyes and the cheeks. Many times the blood vessels are also exposed after volume loss which gives a dark contrast under the eyes and increases the appearance. This is a natural effect of the ageing process that can many times be effectively treated.

There are a couple of different techniques to proceed with, depending on where and how the skin has lost volume and how much injectables are needed.

The deep vertical lines above the upper lip are one of the first signs of skin aging and are usually referred to as “Smoker’s lines”. Even tough they may not be because of smoking we recommend to stop smoking, if you are. Due to smoking and sun damage, these lines become more prominent by with time. Treatments in combination with Botox and superficial fillers, can effectively fight stubborn creases around the mouth. Many times some amount of lip fillers also gives more foundation for a better result.
Our skin is important, The skin is our calling card. Smooth skin with a beautiful glow reflects good health and that is attractive. Skin imperfections are often considered a nuisance. Here are some of the skin imperfections we treat.

  • Acne
  • Pigment spots
  • Sagging skin
  • Pores and skin texture
  • Scars
  • Moles and skin lesions
  • Rosacea

We also use medical creams and prescription medicine for many skin conditions.

About the treatments

Fillers and botox are common substances used as minimally invasive injections, besides them aesthetic medicine includes several treatment techniques for a wide range of skin imperfections. Everything from acne and pigment spots to wrinkles an volume loss. We also offer pinpoint treatments towards migraine, excessive sweating and grinding teeth. We also have a private medical centre that provides a general practitioner doctors services and this gives a more complete view to our work.

During a consultation you will get a good picture of the available options, cosmetic plans as anti-age prevention and most importantly find out which treatment is the right one for you and your desires.

The cosmetic treatments are always considered from an aesthetic point of view and judged responsibly. As licensed doctors and professionals within medical aesthetics you can count on the quality and diagnosis of the treatments performed at Schmidt Cosmedic. Our Alkmaar clinic has also a family doctor practice. You can read more about us here and do not hesitate to reach us with any questions you might have.

These treatments are also the base for an individual anti-ageing plan that makes a basis for preventing lines and wrinkles.


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