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How we make a plan for your facials
During a consultation appointment or phone call we will listen to your wishes and give you guidance on what can and can’t be done. You will get an sincere professional opinion from our doctor and we do our best to give you a new effective cosmedic plan.

Every phase of aging and condition has its own needs and depending on facial dimensions and current individual situation. Wether it is wrinkles, acne, reduced collagen, lip fillers, eyebrows etc. it is always an individual strategy on giving a fresher look, maintaining and fight against the signs of ageing or improving other skin conditions.

Facial rejuvenation

3. Treatments – Facial rejuvenation

Our Treatments
Minimal invasive non-permanent Fillers and botox injections are common treatments used and besides them there are several treatment techniques for a wide range of skin imperfections. Everything from acne and pigment spots to wrinkles an volume loss. Our medical clinic provides also primary health care services so you can have your complete heath under examination.

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